The Haddon Library

The Haddon Library
[The Canonical
The Canonical Stack—book sculpture by
Christopher Evans and Issam Kourbaj (photograph, David Webb). The sculpture was an arrangement of books, mainly from the Haddon Library, and was photographed in situ there on 8 March 2008. All the books are now back in their normal use.

The Haddon Library serves the staff, research students and undergraduates of the University, together with members of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society. Staff and students of other Universities are welcome to read here, on production of evidence of academic bona fides. Other visitors should enquire in advance.

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You can donate to the Haddon Library online. Or, if you prefer, read the library's appeal and then donate online. Start by clicking the 'Give Online' button above – and don't forget to check the 'Haddon Library Appeal' radio button. Thanks!

News and Events

Vacation borrowing starts Monday 9 March

Anything you borrow in the Haddon, from that date and for most of the vacation, will have a return date of Friday 24 April.

Once vacation borrowing starts, you will be able to renew your existing loans, in most cases, for the whole of the vac.

If you want a book for the vacation, and someone else has it out, you can recall it.  You can do that online, in the usual way, up to Sunday 8 March, or by asking us of the Haddon team after vacation borrowing has started.  Note that you can’t expect recalled books to come back quite so fast once people start to leave Cambridge.

And here’s a reminder of how to recall books online.

New ebooks!

Get to them using the links shown below.

Better still, you can get to them by their entries in the online catalogue. Look for them there as you’d look for any other title, and follow the instructions.

And more are on their way!

Armstrong-Fumero, Fernando Elusive unity : factionalism and the limits of identity politics in Yucatán, Mexico University Press of Colorado 2012
9781607322399 JSTOR Unlimited

Jung et al. (eds) Ethical eating in the postsocialist and socialist world University of California Press 2014 9780520958142 ebrary 3-user

Gammeltoft, Tine Haunting images : a cultural account of selective reproduction in Vietnam University of California Press 2014 9780520958159 ebrary 3-user

Hendon, Julia A. Material relations : the marriage figurines of prehispanic Honduras University Press of Colorado 2013 9781607322788 JSTOR Unlimited

Vail, Gabrielle Re-creating primordial time : foundation rituals and mythology in the postclassic Maya codices University Press of Colorado 2013 9781607322214 JSTOR Unlimited

Lee, Jongsoo Texcoco prehispanic and colonial perspectives University Press of Colorado 2014 9781607322849 JSTOR Unlimited

Mahmud, L. The brotherhood of freemason sisters ; gender, secrecy & fraternity in Italian masonic lodges University of Chicago Press 20149780226096056 ebrary 1-user

Buyandelger, M. Tragic spirits : shamanism, memory & gender in contemporary Mongolia University of Chicago Press 2013 9780226013091 ebrary 3-user

Orr, Heather Wearing culture : dress and regalia in Early Mesoamerica and Central America University Press of Colorado 2013 9781607322825 JSTOR Unlimited

Moore, Jerry D. A prehistory of South America : ancient cultural diversity on the least known continent University Press of Colorado 2014 9781607323334 JSTOR Unlimited

Rice, Prudence M. Space-time perspectives on early colonial Moquegua University Press of Colorado 2013 9781607322764 JSTOR Unlimited

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