The Haddon Library

The Haddon Library
[The Canonical
The Canonical Stack—book sculpture by
Christopher Evans and Issam Kourbaj (photograph, David Webb). The sculpture was an arrangement of books, mainly from the Haddon Library, and was photographed in situ there on 8 March 2008. All the books are now back in their normal use.

The Haddon Library serves the staff, research students and undergraduates of the University, together with members of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society. Staff and students of other Universities are welcome to read here, on production of evidence of academic bona fides. Other visitors should enquire in advance.

The Haddon Library Donation Button

You can donate to the Haddon Library online. Or, if you prefer, read the library's appeal and then donate online. Start by clicking the 'Give Online' button above. Thanks!

News and Events

MyiLibrary ebooks will be unavailable 13:00-19:00 Saturday 30 May. The supplier apologises for the inconvenient downtime.  Thanks ebooks@cambridge for this information.

End of May, end of term; June surcharge

Late opening ends tonight 19:00.  From Mon 1 June we close 17:15.  Thurs 11 June, our end-of-year deadline, trips a £10 surcharge on borrowers who miss it.


A reminder that our late opening is for the month of May only, and so ends tonight (Fri 29 May).  Tom will be holding the fort till 19:00 this evening, but when you come here on Monday, we’ll close at the usual termtime weekday hour of 17:15.

Sorry if that’s inconvenient.  It’s been great to see so many of you in the Haddon for our May evenings.  Biz has been up by about 17% on May last year.  Is that on account of our new desktop power points?

Many thanks to Laurence for keeping an eye on the library for most of those evenings.  (And, of course, to Tom and Simon for the others.)


We’d like all Haddon books returned from loan, please, on or before Thursday 11 June.  Vacation borrowing will start the following day, Friday 12 June.


Right.  That 11 June deadline.  I’m afraid we’re more draconian about the deadline in June than at the ends of the other terms.  Fines for books that miss the deadline will be capped with a £10 surcharge.

From 2003 to 2013, we levied that surcharge at the end of every term. Before we automated in 1998, we had end-of-term defaulters helping with library tasks for half an hour.  We think you can cope with a £10 surcharge — or, better still, bring the books back so you don’t have to.

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