The Haddon Library

The Haddon Library
[The Canonical
The Canonical Stack—book sculpture by
Christopher Evans and Issam Kourbaj (photograph, David Webb). The sculpture was an arrangement of books, mainly from the Haddon Library, and was photographed in situ there on 8 March 2008. All the books are now back in their normal use.

The Haddon Library serves the staff, research students and undergraduates of the University, together with members of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society. Staff and students of other Universities are welcome to read here, on production of evidence of academic bona fides. Other visitors should enquire in advance.

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You can donate to the Haddon Library online. Or, if you prefer, read the library's appeal and then donate online. Start by clicking the 'Give Online' button above – and don't forget to check the 'Haddon Library Appeal' radio button. Thanks!

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Opening hours during Lent Term

Monday to Thursday 08:45–17:15

Friday 09:15-17:15

Saturday 11:00-16:00

(Closed Sunday)

Library Help

If you need help in using Cambridge libraries, try .  The LibraryHelp pages can give you advice on

* getting started (days and times and finding assistance)

* borrowing

* locating books (+ articles, ebooks, images, music, maps and all the other things we hold)

* research and study (how to get into the swing of your assignment or project, how to search for information, how to reference, how to avoid plagiarism &c.)

* the whole IT/print/copy bundle (how to connect to wifi round the University, how to print, what you can photocopy).

LibraryHelp is still fairly new — soft-launched Michaelmas 2014.  Try it, and let us know how you like it.